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Best practises

Circumventing anti-RPA techniques

Some web services are notoriously difficult for robots to read, as some companies want to prevent the robots from signing in to their service. This example demonstrates how you can use Yarado's intelligent recording mode, together with some simple tweaks, to easily circumvent anti-RPA techniques.


For brevity, the steps that open a browser and navigate it to the right page are skipped.

  1. Make sure you have Edge open on Google's sign-in page, and Yarado is in intelligent recording mode.

  2. When hovering over the field where you can enter your email address or phone, you will notice that Yarado isn't able to record this field straight away because of the websites' anti-RPA techniques.

    Element ready to step

    Yarado unable to successfully detect an element.

  3. The good news is, you can still automate entries into the Email or phone textbox, it just requires a little creativity.

    The text just above the Email or phone textbox is unlikely to change or move and is easily detected by Yarado so that you can use this instead.

    Element ready to step

    Yarado detecting a text element.

  4. Click on the Next button to record this steps as usual.

  5. The password textbox is protected against RPA just like the Email or phone textbox. Therefore, click on the icon to show your password instead.

    Element ready to step

    Yarado detecting an icon.

  6. Click on the ✖ in the recording controls window to close the recording mode and return to the Yarado Client.

    Recording controls

    Yarado recorder controls.

  7. Once back in the Yarado Client, you should see the three steps you have just recorded, all Mouse Left Click (MLC) steps.

    Recording controls

    Yarado Client with three MLC steps.

  8. Double click on step 1.1 to edit the step properties.

    Click in the centre of the Email or phone textbox to move the crosshair down. During task playback, Yarado will locate the text outlined in blue, but it will click inside the textbox, allowing for text entry.

    Recording controls

    Edit the step proporties.

  9. Repeat this for step 3.1.

    Recording controls

    Edit the step proporties.

  10. Add the input text/password fields to step 1.1 and 3.1 respectively, by right clicking on the steps. Passwords within Yarado task are heavily encrypted and cannot be viewed after entering them.

    Recording controls

    Add Input text to a MLC step.

  11. 🏁 Congratulations - you have just circumvented this service's anti-RPA techniques 🏁.