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Functions Translation Table

Old Function Name New Function Name
Active Window to Image Screenshot
Active Window to PNG Screenshot
Add 1 Add or Subtract
Add X Add or Subtract
Append Text Set Variable Value
Append to file Append to File
Close All Close All Applications
Close Application Close Application
Close Excel Close Workbook
Close Status Close Status
Close Yarado Client Close Yarado Client
Cluster get node status Node Status
Cluster get task status Task Status
Cluster schedule task Schedule Task
Compare Lists Compare Lists
Convert date Convert Date
Copy line(s) containing text Extract Line(s) Containing Search Text
Copy System variable System Variable
Create CSV from File Create CSV Headers
CSV Read variable values from input.csv Load Variable Set from CSV
CSVtoVar Load CSV Value to Variable
Date add days Add or Subtract Days
Date get dayname Name of day
Directory Exists Directory Exists
Directory to CSV Directory to File
Divide Divide or Multiply
Excel get Column from cellname Return Column from Cell
Excel get next column Add or Subtract Column
Excel get next row(s) Add or Subtract Row
Excel get previous column Add or Subtract Column
Excel get previous row(s) Add or Subtract Row
Excel get row from cellname Return Row from Cell
Excel is Workbook open Check Workbook Open
Excel Join Column and row to cellname Set Variable Value
Excel Open workbook Open Workbook
Excel Read cell Value Read Cell Value
Excel run powerQuery Run Excel Power Query
Excel Write value Write Cell Value
Excel find cell Find Cell
File Exists File Exists
FindProcess Find Process
FindProcess and activate Activate Window
Findtext and get linenumber Find Text and Return Line Number
Get Date Current Date
Get Day Current Date
Get Month Current Date
Get Mouse position X Mouse X-Coordinate
Get Mouse position Y Mouse Y-Coordinate
Get text from line number Get Text from Line Number
Get Text under Mouse Get Text under mouse
Get window position Active Window Position
Get window state Active Window State
Get Windowtext Active Window Title
Get Year Current Date
GetCaret X position Caret X-Coordinate
GetCaret Y position Caret Y-Coordinate
GetPixelcolor Get Pixel Color
GetScreenPart Screenshot Section
Greater Than Compare Variables
Hide Replay Hide Replay
isnumeric Check for Numeric Value
Less Than Compare Variables
Load from file Load from File
Multiply Divide or Multiply
Regular Expression Regular Expression (RegEx)
Remove lines containing text Find Text and Remove Line(s)
Replace character in list Find and Replace Using List
Replace search text with replacement text Find and Replace Text
Report Advanced Save Advanced Report
Report Basic Save Basic Report
Report Detailed Save Detailed Report
Round Round Off
Round down Round Off
Round up Round Off
Save to file Save to File
Screen to bitmap Screenshot
Screen to PNG Screenshot
Set Seperator key Set CSV Separator Key
Set Value Set Variable Value
Set Window Position Move or Resize Active Window
Set Window state Set Active Window State
Show status Show Status
Split text copy splitted part Split Text
Step timer end Timestamp
Step timer getrunning time Timestamp Difference
Step timer start Timestamp
Sub 1 Add or Subtract
Sub X Add or Subtract
Text contains Text Contains
Text count characters Count Characters
Text count lines Count Lines
Text findnext from linenumber Find Text After Line Number
Text findprevious from linenumber Find Text Before Line Number
Text get first number Return First Number
Text get lines between linenumbers Return Text Between Line Numbers
Text get lines between text Return Lines Between Text
Text get number Return Numbers from Text
Text get value from line Return Line Content After Keyword(s)
Text insert at linenumber Insert Text at Line Number
Text remove empty lines Remove Empty Lines from Text
Text remove from line number Remove Line Number from Text
Text remove number Return Letters from Text
Text remove number of lines from end Remove Last # Lines from Text
To Lower Change Case
To Upper Change Case
Trim All Trim
Trim Left Trim
Trim Right Trim
Validate element Return Element under Mouse
Validate text Validate Text
Workday Next Calculate Workday
Workday previous Calculate Workday
Write variable values to output csv Variable Values to CSV
Clicklistitem ❌
CSV Filter ❌
Excel Read cell text ❌
Excel Write text ❌
Find Row in datagrid ❌
Restart Task ❌
Report Multi ❌
Test 4 ❌
TestParam ❌
Text get Column Dynamic ❌
Text get Column Fixed ❌
Validate object checked ❌