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Message Box


The Message Box is a useful tool, especially for attended processes. For example, it can provide updates on a task's progress, confirmation of a successful run or present you with the option to interact with a running task.

Message Box

Double click the icon or drag it to the process visuliser to use the Message Box function.

Using Mouse Action

The Mouse Action step is a step that must be created manually because it is not possible to provide the decision criteria when you are in recording mode.

Interface elements

Element Description
Title Bar Set the title of the message box.
Icon Select the message box icon: Informational (default), Error, Questionmark and Warning.
Button types Either choose from a selection of preset button types: OK, Yes, No or None, or text or a variable. Selecting None will hide the button.
Message The content of you message. Variables may be used for dynamic content.
Location on Screen The message box location on the screen during task playback.
Button click result to variable Map your button choice back to a variable to work with your decision later on in the task.
Autoclose Set the time (in seconds) after which the window will automatically close itself and continue with the task.

Mouse Action interface

Set the Message Box properties


Windows enforces an eight-character limit for the button text.


Please see the Advanced IF example, as it features multiple message boxes.